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Mandala Gallery -Next can be painted for Your order

Kasia Neelavathi Stankiewicz, mandale, doradztwo duchowe,

Welcome Beautiful Soul : Here you can see all mandalas, which I painted so far, if you want you can order a mandala for yourself or someone close to you. Mandalas  I paint in all intentions: for example to find a job, create a happy relationship, improve the financial situation or health,
Available sizes from 20 cm to 100 cm, I cand  send images to the whole world, If You feel that You would like to have one personal mandala, please don’t hesistate to contact me, my mail :, Warm Greetings Neelavathi


różowa mandala dla Lakshmi:) 40x40 cm 40x40 cm 700zł 180 eur

różowa mandala dla Lakshmi:) 40×40 cm 40×40 cm 700zł 180 eur

"Mandala archanioła Haniela" 30 x30 cm

“Mandala archanioła Haniela” 30 x30 cm

"turkusowy klejnot komunikacji"30x30 cm

“turkusowy klejnot komunikacji”30×30 cm

Kundalini awakening 40x40 cm

Kundalini awakening 40×40 cm

uzdrawiająca mandala archanioła Rafała, 333 zł,30 x30 cm

uzdrawiająca mandala archanioła Rafała, 333 zł,30 x30 cm

 40x40 cm,140 eur,600 pln

40×40 cm,140 eur,600 pln

mandala Sri Krishny

mandala Sri Krishny



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postać Sarasvati Devi zaczerpnięta z sieci





























































































Just now u may order your own Mandala!!!!!!!





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