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Vedic art

Vedic art

This is an energy healing image that is presented and created by the process of deep concentration. Painting them is preceded by meditation and concentration. They are painted in the inner state of consciousness “alpha”. I learned the principles of vedic art at a workshop led by Jack Poteralski. All these works are created from deep concentration which heal and radiate energy from the heart. These images act by raising ambient vibrations of a room and the individuals located in it. With a blessing treatment, the images and feelings of my work have energizing and healing properties. They have “transforming negative vibrations into positive vibration” attributes. All images are for sale. There is also a possibility to choose the fixtures. Upon request, we can also align the image with the vibrations of a particular person creating a harmonizing energy field so that the image brought has many healing benefits. An “ability to perform” energy picture is also available upon request. Namaste.


Navaratri 46x53 cm,300 eur,120 pln

Navaratri 46×53 cm,300 eur,120 pln


























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