Holistic treatments and spiritual counseling

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I’m proud to announce that,by God’s grace i became cerified DNA Theta Healer:)


The types of treatments:

Session Touch/Energy transfer from hands  45 min- 150 zł


The session aims to harmonize the energy flowing in all the chakras, aura balancing, calming and relaxing the client. Thus, there will be a positive effect on health, removing the primary cause of the disorder, and delving deep into the unconscious rooted karmic structures.

The treatment is a media of bio-energy therapy.  Permission and bless  has been received to perform this spiritual type of treatment, along with a mantra that is used to heal, from an Indian spiritual master Sri Swami Athmachaithanya.

Healing techniques combine holistic tendencies and trends in alternative medicine drawing inspiration from the rich Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Theta Healing session-200 zł-50 eur

Spiritual Counseling Session/A Conversation 1 to 1.5 hours – 200 zł-50 EUr

The session consists of an interview with the client in which, using a higher intuition, I suggest possible solutions by being able to connect to the source with the same words and thoughts that come to my mind. Thus, forming the key sentence. Sessions are held in intimate conditions and are preceded by my own meditation.

During the session we will wind down with the fine tuning of a higher vibration. After a briefing about the situation of the client, I will draw inspiration directly from it’s source. Sessions can open the door for change to better our lives.

It is often useful to get an impulse to change. Keep in mind that it is not always what serves us that is best known and sometimes, even more so, to give up something rather than not to serve our habits.

Often, solutions to problems also appear when you exit the session. This is the leaven of the spiritual work on myself …


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